Small Business Website Design

Website Design for Small Scale Industries

Anikshree Technologies offers low cost website design services for startups and small scaled industries, we know that you have just started your business and you have a tight budget, our small scale website design services are a perfect match for low budget website design.

Small Scale Website Design Packages

  • Startups

    Startup website design is the cheapest website design package we have on our website

  • NGO & Non Profit

    NGO Website design is for NGOs and Charitable Trusts

  • Professional

    Professional Website Design is for Indivisual Professionals like Doctors, CAs, Lawyers etc

  • Trading Company

    Trading Company Website design is for small trading industries

  • Service Provider

    Service provider website design is for small scale service providers like Pre School, Tution Center, Diagnosis Center etc

Why Choose Anikshree?

Reasons to choose Anikshree For your Website Desgin
  • 15 years of Experience
  • Affordable Prices
  • Personal Client Support
  • No Overloaded Servers
  •    Secure Web Servers
  • Value for money!

What People Say about Website Design in Kolkata by Anikshree

  We hired Anikshree for website design of our export business, so far we are happy with the website design service provided by Anikshree, our client base is growing and people can easily find our products through our newly designed website by Anikshree. - D Modak   Sujex
  Anikshree is the best website design company in Kolkata, we were impressed with the mockups Anikshree designed of our homepage and later the entire website was developed in a very professional manner, we also hired Anikshree for SEO and they have done a great job. - S Bhattacharjee.   Famous Painter
  Anikshree provided website design for our fan manufacturing business, we receive a lot of enquiries through our website designed by Anikshree Team, we had limited sales budget and Anikshree also provided Digital Marketing for our website design project. - P Baid   Baid Fans
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