Our Services

Anikshree Technologies offers bespoke software development services, we develop .Net and PHP based applications, we can develop Desktop Software as well as SaaS based application, you can customize the software as per your needs and requirements.

Bespoke .Net Applications

We develop .Net applications (both web and desktop) using VB.Net and C#.Net, for Web Applications, we can use ASP.Net, we follow Agile methodologies for software development services and we can also break down the required services into Microservices. For backend or Database Server, we can use MySQL, Microsoft SQL Service or Oracle. We can also use Amazon RDS for backend.

Bespoke PHP Applications

We develop PHP web applications using Laravel Framework and Cake PHP , we follow agile methodologies, we can also create php SaaS Applications or Microservices, for backend or database server, we can use MySQL, PostgreSQL or Amazon RDS. We can customize your PHP web application to use certain cloud features like S3, RDS, MongoDB and other bespoke environments which are not possible in a regular CMS.

Bespoke Mobile Apps

We at Anikshree Technologies also develop applications for Smartphone and Hand Held devices, we can develop applications for IOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms, we can develop the mobile application as per your needs and requirements, you can customize the mobile application as per your choice.

System Development Life Cycle

Here are the steps which we follow to develop a bespoke system, we break the entire development to different phases and we strictly follow the methodologies in developing any software - be it a desktop application, a SaaS product or a mobile application.

SDLC Life Cycle

Along with folllowing a strict SDLC process, we have also adopted CI/CD and Scrum, we test every release and we held regular scrum meetings to make sure our development process is aligned with client requirements.

Continous Integration & Continous Development

SDLC Life Cycle

Why Choose Anikshree?

Here Are Some Of The Reasons to choose Anikshree
  • 15 years of Experience
  • Affordable Prices
  • Personal Client Support
  • No Overloaded Servers
  •    Secure Web Servers
  • Value for money!

What People Say about Anikshree

  The setup process and support at Anikshree Technologies to be above par! I strongly recommend using Anikshree Technologies for your hosting needs and have brought additional clients to them as the hosting is very reliable and the response time to any questions was fantastic. - D Modak   Sujex
  Anikshree Technologies has been very helpful, reliable and professional to our race team. From the time we ordered our site it literally took hours to have it activated. Anikshree Technologies's ongoing service and support are next to none! If I have a problem or concern they are always quick to respond - S Bhattacharjee.   Famous Painter
  Not only your service has been exceptional but also your support has exceeded all expectations. In addition, your staff is very responsive and helpful and I have only good things to say about everyone. Anikshree Technologies, in my opinion, is simply the best. - Rakesh Jain   Neon Vinimay
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