Here is a list of software which you can use for accessing email, transfering files to server or get remote support, please note that all the softwares listed below are provided by third party providers which Anikshree does not controls, and hence the said softwares are available as/is basis without any support or warranty.

Mozzila Thunderbird - IMAP Email Client

Mozilla Thunderbird is a open source, free email client which can be installed on Microsoft Windows based laptops and desktops, Mozilla Thunderbird supports both IMAP and POP3 Protocols.

FileZilla - Free FTP Client

FileZilla is a free FTP Client which is used to transfer files from local machine to remote server, it supports ftp, ftps and sftp protocols.

Teamviewer - Remote Support

Teamviewer is a remote support software which helps computer engineers to provide onsite remote support, it is free for non commercial use

Ammy - Free Remote Support

Ammy is a freely available remote support software which is free for non commercial use, it does not requires signup, just download it and start providing remote support

Anydesk - Free Remote Support

Anydesk is a free to use remote support software which can be used for free for non commercial use.

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